Kansas City International Airport (MCI)

Address: 1 International Sq
Phone: (816) 243-5237
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 246393


  • Paul A Ner

    Enjoy the free WiFi, Socialists
  • David Gielan

    Eat before you go through security because there is nothing on the other side.
  • Rob Cassidy

    Use the Free Wi-fi
  • Nick Barnett

    Security is crazy quick! No line!
  • Louis Groff

    If you want to get to another city without driving to it, come here and get on an airplane.
  • Eileen B

    No food after security. Eat/drink up before you go in!
  • Kyle Rohde

    Nope, there isn't much to do and it feels very small...but that's why you get off your plane and are 100 feet from ground transport - easiest airport around.
  • Andy White

    It's Kansas and you're leaving. There's no downside here.
  • @courtneyBolton

    I love this airport-- easy in/easy out!
  • Dustin Jacobsen

    my preference is to park at the Parking Spot if I have enough time
  • Paul Giarratana

    Come to the tips to hear people cry about food. The airport is designed to get you in and out, not for you to stuff your fat face with fast food.
  • JL Johnson @User47

    A great place to find airplanes in their natural habitat.
  • Matt Briney

    This is the worst airport in world. Bring your food in from another city because there is nothing here!
  • Ernest Smyth

    Eat before coming to the airport! And of you didn't, then eat what there is before going through security. At least this goes for the terminal where one finds American Airlines...
  • Jessie Stinson

    Easiest airport to fly in or out of. There isn't much food once you go through security. I only fly Southwest in terminal B and there is a Quiznos and Starbucks once you are through security.
  • Zena Weist

    Free WiFi...thank you!
  • Katherine Meyer

    Ice cold Boulevard Wheat in an aluminum can for $5. The perfect pre-vacation treat.
  • Jim Eckstrom

    Get food before you come to the airport there is not much here...
  • Joe McBride

    Check in at @HMSHost food concessionaires for great deals! Be sure to sign up for air fare and parking deals at http://flykci.com.
  • Kelly Mitchell

    Only get food inside the gates. Rustic Cafe is the only decent place to nosh. Decent selection of packaged food for the plane as well. Definitely the best of KCI...
  • Amy

    Don't land here and say "I'm in Kansas!" You're actually in Missouri.
  • Benedict Corpuz

    MCI is one of the few airport in the nation to not use TSA agents and uses private security. Following TSA guidelines, say hello to FirstLine Aviation Security
  • Neal Sharma

    Park Air Express is "valet" service for only $7 a day. Great service and great price, sincerely. Got me to switch from The Parking Spot.
  • Justin M

    Flying Southwest? Check out the new Starbucks *inside* the gate area.
  • Zena Weist

    economy lot coupon: bit.ly/kcicoupon
  • Sarah Eggers

    Security lines are short here: do yourself a favor & eat outside your gate area to save money.
  • Jet Airways

    From Broadway shows to live concerts, Starlight theater is a must visit premier entertainment landmark in the city of Kansas.
  • Jason Skidmore

    Unlike most airports which feel almost like cities, once you go through security at KCI it feels more like an abandoned shopping mall
  • Peter Shankman

    Such an easy airport! Quick in, quick out. Just wish @united had a club here.
  • Sean Dougherty

    Welcome to purgatory.
  • Chris Wiklund

    Security line is never more than three minutes, though there's nothing past it
  • Sandy Morrow

    Worst. Airport. Ever. If you have a layover here make sure you bring lots to keep you entertained.
  • Nan

    Be sure to not leave Kansas City without visiting Jack Stack. Get Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue KC All Purpose Rub.
  • Tripster

    Terminal B Southwest now has Starbucks INSIDE security.
  • Ramsey Mohsen

    Park Air Express will change your life. Fact.
  • Chad Cummings

    If you like waiting 45 minutes for a shuttle, use The Parking Spot.
  • Scott Tefft

    Kci rules..it is HOME
  • Alex Davis

    Terminal A, Gates 1-6 does have a little snack stand with sandwiches, chips, bottled sodas/water & beer! Super friendly staff all around.
  • SR

    Really lame airport.
  • Jennifer Fong

    As others have said, eat before going through security. There is a Starbucks near the American Airlines gates of Terminal C.
  • Kate Zimmer

    Do not eat/drink here if you have a choice. Seriously. I've never paid so much for crappy food (that took forever) or bad drinks.
  • Ramsey Mohsen

    Use Park Air Express for parking at KCI. If you use it once, you'll never use anything else again. Promise.
  • Daria

    This outstation has cleaners!
  • Laurie Roberts

    From the check in, to baggage check, a pleasant, efficient experience.
  • Daniel Stone

    Was originally a TWA hub, but the airport couldn't handle the 747.
  • Erika Lehman

    Try the Boulevard Wheat in the aluminum bottle!
  • Justin M

    Picking someone up? Quit circling and park in Economy Lot A while you wait for their call. First hour of parking there is free.
  • Chris Drayer

    Downtown KC or overland park is a long cab ride from here. Call Carey limo for comfort.
  • J Crowley

    Finding the rental car area was like searching for the Cup of Christ. Signs are bad. Stand outside under the white covered bus stops and take a grey shuttle bus. Good luck!
  • ? H-$$ ?

    According to USA today one of the worst airports in the country...couldn't agree more!
  • Sean Obrien

    Worst airport ever...dirty, wet bathrooms, no food options, crowded gates, and why are there so many fat people here!? Avoid this airport for layover at all costs.
  • Samuel Fifield

    Check out the baby vending machine.
  • Amy Grill

    Worst airport ever. No good food, bad lighting, crappy layout - I could go on and on...and I'm actually a lover of random airports. I only fly here because I have family here.
  • Allan Summers

    Sit in the comfy chairs if you get a chance! Great for reading and relaxing before your next flight!
  • Joe Bartolucci

    Terrible food. The worst. Just starve instead.
  • christi collins

    Get there early for parking!
  • Aimee Ness

    Friendly local people here!
  • Nick

    When TSA attempts to body search you, get really excited and take off your pants on the spot.
  • Allie L.

    I hate this airport. All employees seem completely incompetent and dysfunctional.
  • Airport Parking Connection

    Get the discounted rates online at airportparkingconnection.com, use code "TWITTER" for an extra 10% off a parking reservation!
  • Max Gallegos

    Other airports should take a tip from this one: FREE wi-fi!!!
  • Susan L

    Have margharitas before you board, it will make ur stay here more bearable
  • Liz Burns

    Eat before you get here.. I just paid $23 for a salad, sandwich & water
  • Brooke Derby

    One of the easiest airports around! However the food selection is not that great and you can hardly buy anything once you are in the gates!
  • OverlandParker

    You kids and your newfangled flying machines.
  • Allison

    Public transit: bus 129 brings you to terminal C from 10th & Main in about 1hr on weekdays only; return trip downtown is same or express bus takes 25 min.
  • Jason Skidmore

    Fly Southwest, and tip your flight attendant!!
  • Will Clark

    Fly Southwest
  • David Rankin

    Stay away from here if possibly.
  • Holden Bower

    Nicest people in the world. Super helpful! And Boulevard Wheat rocks my socks off!
  • Arun Nair

    Welcome to Kansas City. Your tip is to try cow tipping!
  • Tom Fothergill

    Avoid layover here like the plague!!!! No decent facilities or restaurants and forget about going into Kansas city... $50 cab fare each way or a 1h30min bus ride?!?
  • Robert Pichardo

    Terminal C looks like a ghost town
  • Tank J. Johnson

    be mindful of your speed airport police are monitoring & ticketing.
  • Mollie Sterling

    No coffee behind security. Plan accordingly.
  • Rebecca H

    DO NOT FLY THROUGH THIS AIRPORT!! There is nothing besides Quiznos past security
  • Redhead Reinventions

    not alot of plug ins...so come fully juiced. small snack area.
  • Olli K

    Don't leave your bag unattended. They will call the dogs!!
  • Mike Fenton

    Holy slow baggage claim Batman!
  • Bethany Erickson

    Easy in, easy out. No need to check in too early.
  • Evan[Bu]

    Pronounce Kansas City correctly. It's "Kansas City" not "Kansacity".
  • deviantpixel

    Get FRESH with TSA for NO REASON
  • Monte Cedillo

    Don't be late... haha
  • Jason Divis

    Park Air Express is the way to go!
  • Anthony Bowe

    Purchase a beer or cocktail next to California Pizza Kitchen at gate 45...you can bring it right to your gate. Best. Flight. Ever.
  • Gregg Cochran

    Just arrived? No cabs will be waiting. Find the bat phone to order up a car to take you into the land of BBQ.
  • Cristhina Starke

    I love MCI. It is so easy to navigate. People super friendly!!
  • Joey Freeland

    The free Wi-Fi service is terrible. I would happily pay a dollar to have good service versus being stuck in this crap airport with no connectivity when I have things to do.
  • Craig Olsen

    Bypass the Starbucks and grab Roasterie coffee inside the gate. Local and delicious.
  • Kaite Stover

    Friendliest & most efficient TSA @Terminal B
  • Paul Newman

    One of the stranger airports.
  • lee ann stidham

    They have Lot's of Wizard of Oz items !
  • Dezemar

    It is perhaps the most boring airport, but it is easy and quick to get around and the parking is cheap.
  • Breanne Potter

    If you're flying United to Newark you need to go to Terminal C despite the overhead signs that say Terminal A is United.
  • Jennifer Childs

    It is lacking in amenities when you get past security. So what? Get a sandwich before you go to gate. Fastest curb-to-security-to-gate of any airport I've been through. It rocks!
  • Christi Binder

    Avoid any change over here!!! Your food options suck, you have to go out of the secure area to get to any food other than Quiznos... Then once out you have a choice of Sbarros or burger king :( bleak!
  • Chris Wagner

    Walk around to find that there is really nothing good to eat.
  • David Reber

    Beware the #avgeek airplane stalker. He will run over you to get a closer look.
  • eVm

    Wanna get away? Don't fly Delta
  • Michelle Fowler

    Easiest airport in the country!
  • Yarko Nechyba

    Tierra de Dorothy
  • Michael Sanders

    Try to get a seat near your gate, the periodic announcements sometimes overwrite the boarding announcements
  • T Augurson

    Bring your own food this place is SMALL!!! Matter of fact don't stop here for more than 30 minutes!!!
  • Amy

    Don't understand why I had to go thru security again. Bizarre
  • Philip Robertson

    Antiquated airport few amenities no bar/restaurant after security. TSA staff all excellent but lines are long.
  • Chris Drayer

    I recommend flying from kci, because the busses here don't go where you want.
  • Eric Schueler

    It is a killer drive from Wichita. I thought I would save some money, but by the time you pay for parking and gas to drive up not sure. Security is a breeze to get through. No food service at the gate
  • Caleb Hays

    Plan ahead. You're probably going to wait half an hour for a shuttle from Lot B if your flight is before 8 am.
  • Dave T.

    A business traveler's nightmare. Straight out of 1950, Non-existent wi-fi unless you sit on the curb, no outlets, no seats, No food inside security on American, the list goes on and on.
  • Mary Mcleod

    Eat before you get here!
  • Craig Bullis

    In-a-Tub Tacos, 5 miles south on I-29. You will love the food, but hate yourself.
  • Ed

    Yummy! Stop n see dare ya!
  • Dylan Boyd

    Buy Gregg a Red Bull as his wings are tired.
  • Brett King

    Make sure you eat BEFORE you pass Security. It's a deadzone after TSA
  • Steve Wainwright

    Great for in-and out convenience of travel, but fails in every other category.
  • Danny Pier

    Not a lot going on in this airport which gives the TSA agents a great excuse to go on power trips for the tiny gates they manage.
  • Saif Usman

    If you have the misfortune to fly American, avoid their ticket agent named Kim...older lady with glasses, very rude, uncooperative and will challenge you to call customer service...seriously!
  • Tim Thorpe

    Book Five Guys Shuttle and skip the airport parking hassles. Http://www.fiveguysshuttle.com
  • David Mikel ????

  • Joe

    Worst. Airport. Ever.
  • Kyle Junk

    This airport is backwards. Don't go through security until you are ready to go to your gate.
  • Nate Burke

    FYI you have to exit secure area for restaurants and bars. Plan accordingly!
  • Jeremy Prendergast

    Home of the Worlds SLOWEST Burger King.
  • Scotty Awsumb

    At the southwest side now have a nice pub with good food and drink. Very pleased
  • Steve Knight

    Security checkpoints don't even open until 4:30am, so don't bother arriving any earlier.
  • Aaron Duckworth

    Best airport in the world to get through quickly as your plane is less than 100 yards from the curb. If KCI is your layover, it's worse than death as there's zero to do and not much more worth eating.
  • Michelle Lancaster

    Eat before you go thru security. No restaurants on the gate side. TSA pleasantly friendly and no nekkid scanner yet so YAY!
  • Matthew H

    Due to the airport's design, food options are limited.
  • Frank James

    Time for MCI to join the rest of the 21st century and revamp the airport. That and get light rail to connect out here...
  • Nate Scarritt

    Put everything in your pockets in your carry on bag to get through the security line more quickly
  • Heath L.

    Here's a tip: if you board last, don't crowd the gate, it makes it difficult for everyone.
  • Tyler Jenkins

    Arrive early!! And United operates out of Terminals A AND C so check your gates!!
  • Jesus Parada

    You won't find Dorothy or toto here.......
  • Ryan

    Mike - Tom went crazy with the Subway check-ins while you were gone!
  • Kelly Tackert

    Go to the restroom and get snacks before security. Very small gates area.
  • Matt Mitchell

    This might be the shittiest airport in the US.
  • David Reber

    If you see JLJ1 buy his lunch for me. We can't seem to connect.
  • William Keith

    No need to arrive early....hardly any wait. Just don't get stuck here on a layover!
  • Hilda Audardottir- Goulay

    No matter what the economy parking sign says... United is in terminal A, not terminal C
  • Chris Simms

    Run screaming from this place. Understand you're not getting anything but HMS food while you wait. Horrible place for layover. Come prepared cannot be stressed enough.
  • Coach Korn

    Do not get a drink outside your gate. There are drinks once you get inside... But forget about Starbucks if you r in a rush
  • Dianna Villigan

    Use curbside check-in. They're awesome, never a line. Don't 4get to tip 'em. ?
  • Emily Riley

    Horrible airport!!! Bring a snack if your gonna spend time here other wise food is outside of security!
  • Brett R

    Security here is not run by the TSA. See if you can spot the subtle differences.
  • Rachael Dick

    theres no restrooms inside security. pee before hand!
  • Nobu Buckley

    Get food and use bathrooms before entering the gate. There's nothing past security. Even the bathrooms are tiny.
  • Jordan Dillon

    How the hell is this place listed as one if the top airports in the US??!!
  • Olli K

    Don't forget your pink tags if your flying to SLC or LGA
  • Brandi

    Push not pull on bathroom stalls. This helps when you're half asleep :)
  • elizabeth Scott

    Welcome to Fabulous Kansas City!
  • Jackie Thompson

    No booze in the terminal?!?!
  • Timothy Hansen

    Dig the Brutalist architecture!
  • Christian Zarif

    Enjoy Kansas City...best kept little gem.
  • Megan McNeill

    I hate this airport...worst layout ever. If you change planes here, you might have to go out into the general area and back into security, depending on where your gate is located. Such a hassle.
  • Kate

    Beware of the major food desert once you pass through security! Stare longingly from your gate, but you'll have to ensure security again if you want anything from the "other side."
  • John Jantsch

    Eat before security slim Pickens once inside.
  • Becca Booth

    Check in bags outside for Southwest. So much faster than inside!
  • Erik R.

    Eat before you get here!
  • Matt Lewis

    Very easy airport to get around.
  • Vaughn Ericson

    If you think you might be hungry or thirsty when you arrive, be sure to fly during daylight hours only. Al shops apparently close just before dark.
  • BYOBandits

    Why are there 3 terminals? No one knows.
  • Hans Nelson

    BEWARE!! This place reminds me of Russia. Once you get in the gate area, through security, you're stuck!! No more eateries or Starbucks, just even more extremely over-priced kiosks!
  • Kirk Dickens

    Keep an eye out for terrorists.
  • Sara Jane Kauffmann

    I'm on a plane and it's going fast
  • Tanner ? Ringerud

    This place is a dump.
  • Bill Ardiff

    Worst airport for a layover. Terrible design.
  • Evan[Bu]

    Eat prior to arriving at MCI. Dog shit food choices await you at this airport.
  • Emma Kelly

    Frontier terminal is very sparse. Not a lot to do if you have a layover.
  • Michael Barbour

    Terminal has free wifi - both inside and outside of the security area.
  • John Hayden

    There is not very many shops and restaurants here.
  • Ashley Andrews

    Small airport. Get a drink before going through security, no booze within!
  • Dan C

    This place looks like a Klan rally and a NASCAR event. So many ignorant rednecks.
  • Chris Burroughs

    Pretty much the worst airport to get stuck at. Nothing is on the right side of security.
  • Geoff Lilienfeld

    When going through Southwest security stay to the right to avoid body scanner delays. Metal detectors are much easier and faster!
  • David Kahlbaugh

    25 ounce bottle of water is $3.10. Price gouging in full effect! Also of you make even the slightest comment to security then you wok get the "full"screening.
  • Dana

    Babies on planes...why does this happen?
  • Jennifer Myaeng

    I can check in an hour before my flight and still have 20 minutes to spare before boarding
  • Aaron Luke

    Hope you're not very hungry or don't have to pee. Have to leave security for virtually everything!
  • James Moore

    Power outlets are few and far between. Make friends with someone with a power strip.
  • Crystal Faunt

    I don't get how anyone can complain about this airport, it's simple to get around (unless you're retarded) and there's never any lines. No one can expect there to be anything here, it's Missouri. Welc
  • Debrah

    Yep no food and not a lot open... good thing is free WiFi :)
  • Wayne Peck

    I flew on a plane once. It was fun.
  • Daniel Molina

    I never new such a pleasant, non-members-only place existed at an airport. The Southwest lounge is an oasis.
  • Glenn G

    Wow. Never seen an airport that is as traveler-unfriendly as this one. Can't even get q cup of coffee after security!
  • Jim

    Ditto on the food before security. There are only drink vendors inside.
  • Damon Pietras

    Very odd terminal set up. The busses between the terminals come every 10-15m. Parking seemed average priced.
  • Susan Chris Lund

    Not enough plug in places
  • Denise

    The "free wifi" keeps disconnecting. Airport is tiny. The restroom next to Gate 37 at Southwest terminal is tiny too. Only 2 stalls
  • W Guy Finley

    Definition of an easy airport, never seen a shorter TSA line. Gas station next door to the rental return makes this place a dream to fly from.
  • ??????s ??

    The garage parking rates is bullshit. It used to be free for the first 30 minutes. Now it's $1. Had if I know that, I would have bought some cash with me.
  • Philip Tellis

    Slowest Starbucks in the world.
  • Jim Evans

    Not true about not having any places to eat after security.. There's plenty to eat so come on through, then grab something to eat and sit back an relax until your flight boards!
  • Kate Lambert

    Usually I have much love for my hometown airport, but this trip I was disappointed in the organization of getting to the exit after deplaning, and the restrooms.
  • Michael Wang

    Dump your water bottle just before going thru security so the TSA doesn't confiscated it, (empty is fine) then refill it at the fountains in the gate area. Traveling with a water bottle is a must!
  • Katy Loesch

    Make sure to grab a bite to eat before going through security because there isn't anything past security.
  • Blaise Main

    This place is a ghost town.
  • David Akridge

    Possibly the worst designed airport. I feel sorry for anyone who has a connecting flight since you'll probably have to go back through security. Oh, and no wifi (at least in terminal c).
  • Erik Olson

    Terminal b sucks
  • Toby

    If you take Alaska, be warned there are no bathrooms past security. Absolutely despise this airport!
  • Cindy, Realtor

    They need to expand the airport. Only one restaurant inside the gates -" pork and pickle". Smallest airport I have ever been to, everyone is bumping into each other. Southwest section.
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