Kauffman Stadium

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Phone: (816) 921-8000
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    Opened in 1973, Kauffman Stadium hosted the 2012 All-Star Game. The Royals unveiled a $250 million renovation prior to the 2009 season.
  • ESPN

    On 7/11/90, Bo Jackson made his famous wall run catch in left center. Bo caught the ball, then ran on the wall sideways like Keanu in The Matrix. If youre lucky, youll see a catch half as good.
  • MLB

    Check-in at Kauffman Stadium using MLB.com At the Ballpark during the Home Run Derby or All-Star Game & youd be entered to win an authentic jersey or official game ball. Rules: MLB.com/checkinrules
  • Ernie Ferguson

    Beautiful Stadium to watch a baseball game.
  • Jason Schlosser

    It's worth an inning to hit the Hall Of Fame. Brett's pinetar bat and the '85 Series trophy are pretty cool to see in person.
  • Kansas City Royals

    Dont forget to use MLB.com At Bat on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, BlackBerry or Windows 7 device to follow all the action on the field and around the league while you are at the park.
  • Don Keener

    Have a beer!
  • Jonathan

    Go to a Royals game on a Friday night for free fireworks - win or lose (with the latter being more likely).
  • Kansas City Royals

    In deep center field, you will find the largest high definition board in Major League Baseball -- the equivalent of 1,532 42 high definition televisions.
  • Kansas City Royals

    Check out the Water Spectacular along the outfield concourse. Did you know: Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains with more fountains than any city in the world except Rome.
  • Kansas City Royals

    Visit the statue of Hall of Famer George Brett along the main outfield concourse. Brett played his entire career in KC earning 3 AL batting titles, 3,154 hits & a .305 career batting average.
  • MLB

    Bo knows homers. The fartherst ball ever hit Kauffman Stadium was a 475-foot bomb by Jackson on Set. 14, 1986.
  • Ramsey Mohsen

    TAKE ME OUT TO THE... have fun here. Tailgate. Go Royals!
  • Kansas City Royals

    Welcome to Kauffman Stadium! Check in using MLB.com At the Ballpark to unlock special offers and explore the stadium right from your phone.
  • Cooper Smith

    Come for the view, stay to see the relief pitching shit the bed.
  • John Kreicbergs

    If you squint your eyes right, it's almost like real baseball!
  • Michael ?? Linhart

    Sprint needs to improve 3G coverage if they are going to sponsor the game....
  • Troy Olsen

    Spend some time around the fountains in the outfield or with my friends in the French Quarter. Come down to 136 and say hi to the Superfans in our standing room area
  • Brett Samet

    Absolutely gorgeous stadium, and probably the most fair pricing I have seen on tickets to any professional sporting event I have been to.
  • Joe Davis

    Maybe it isn't a stadium in a downtown area... but it is still a pretty great ballpark to catch a game. I rank it third for ballparks I've been to behind Fenway (Boston) and PNC (Pittsburgh).
  • john haller

    Eat at Straud's before the game...a popular KC eating establishment with home-style cooking and good fried chicken.
  • Andrew McGregor

    if you get a chance spending an inning in the standing outfield section in front of the fountains.
  • Addison Walton

    One of the most underrated stadiums in the majors. Friendly staff and cheaper than average tickets...
  • Dan Brower

    At the Hot Corner Grill behind section 201 in LF, you can get a kid's dog, pretzel, drink, and lunchbox for $8.50. Best kept secret in the ballpark! You don't have to be a kid to get it either.
  • Kenneth Scott

    Kauffman stadium looks amazing. One of he biggest scoreboard/video boards in the world. The concourse is wider and goes around whole stadium
  • Wes Mikel

    Hosmer kinda looks like Goku. Or Vegeta.
  • Robert Mc

    The only stadium outside StL where Pujols is cheered louder than he's booed when he steps in the batter's box. Is that because he lived in KC or because the Cardinal fans outnumber the Royal fans?
  • HMFW

    Not a bad seat in the house. Try hyvee sections behinds the plate in the upper deck. Love that they featured Guinness and Blvd kiosks this summer.
  • Cara Olson

    Get food for the kids at the kids concession stand behind left field. The portions are smaller and it's cheaper. You can even get milk and juice. There is a sluggerrr lunch box kids meal option too.
  • VML

    Make sure to catch a Kansas City Royals game in this revamped stadium!
  • Aundre Gray

    Gotta check out the Hall Of Fame!
  • Bobby Miller Jr

    I would live here if possible.
  • Thomas Nelson

    Definitely take a tour of the stadium before you go to the game. For the right price, you leave with an autographed ball!
  • CastrolUSA

    $1 hot dog Friday nights! Use ?#?BestMilesAhead? for a chance to win 2 tickets to the 2013 MLS All-Star game this Wednesday at Sporting Park, 7/31.
  • Joey

    Don't be a Yankee fan.
  • Gabe Mckeever

    Watched an overpaid, overrated free agent fail! (Jose Guillen)
  • Taylor Tholen

    BBQ nachos. Trust me.
  • Lauren Cunningham

    The worst part of Royals games is when they play "Friends in Low Places." By far.
  • Lance Wilson

    $1 hotdog is great for two growing boys. This could get expensive.
  • KC Rudolph

    Buy the cheap tickets and sit wherever you want.
  • Teddy Stewart

    Come here for the atmosphere because the Royals will most likely lose!
  • Chris Wagner

    For those that like cheesesteaks they can be found on the third base side right outside the main concourse.
  • Jake Smith

    Even if you're visiting from out of town, check out the Royals team store, behind the first base side; they have a small section with merchandise for the visiting team.
  • Sports Illustrated

    Be sure to check out Kauffman's 'Water Spectacular' waterfall display, which is the largest privately funded fountain in the world reaching 322-feet!
  • Mark

    Head out to the All-Star BBQ stand behind the fountains in right field for some great Kansas City-style BBQ options. The brisket, pulled pork, burnt ends, and sides are all outstanding.
  • Dayton H

    One of the oldest & one if the best. Fantastic venue to watch a game.
  • Joe Davis

    Buy a ticket in the nose bleeds, sit in right field by the Party Deck. They don't check your ticket stubs unless you move up close.
  • Tim Thorpe

    Kauffman stadium is great!
  • Mark Raggett

    Still one of the best stadiums in MLB!
  • Kyle Rohde

    Skip the new Funnel Cake Fries. Poor substitute for a real funnel cake and not very tasty.
  • George McGowan

    Only ballpark I've been to where people were moving up to the cheap seats to get out of the sun.
  • Elly Goldstein

    PBR available at the specialty hot dog stands!
  • Ben Keefe

    If it's not to hot this summer, get tickets in section 101,102,103 for one of the coolest views in the stadium. Plus if you have kids it's right by the kid fan area so you don't miss the game.
  • Kathryn Cornwell

    excited for the 2010 season!
  • Jennifer

    Beautiful stadium. Largest board in MLB. New women's botique this year behind it. Check out the new restaurants/food options! Enjoy #beroyalkc
  • Phil Thompson

    One of the great venues for baseball. (The BBQ and beer isn't bad, either.)
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Chicago White Box vs Kansas City Royal #7.10 PM.
  • Snooply 57

    Be sure to go to guest services for first time certificate
  • Mark A

    Go to the BBQ place out in right field. The burnt ends cheesesteak is awesome!!!
  • william enns

    Hall Of Fame is Amazing
  • Cara Olson

    There is a free charging station for phones in left field by the kids zone sign by the kids concession stand.
  • Kecia Smith

    As of right now you can bring sports drinks and bottled water no bring than one liter. It must be sealed.
  • Quecmo

    No better place to spend your time than at the K.
  • Suzanne Ryan

    Stop by the Farmland Grill for a Boulevard brat!
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Wan't to learn some cool basketball tricks? Come play with the Harlem Globetrotters July 8-13 at one of our summer skills clinics. For more information
  • Jay Falen

    The Royals haven't won here since they won it all in '85. Nice to see a game or two for entertainment, but if you miss a whole season, you prob. Didn't miss much. This team sucks!
  • Anthony Augusto

    Trashy fans to boo a player during the HR derby-which was raising money for charity. Stay classy Kansas City!
  • Nicole Joplin

    Visit the new Boulevard bar. It's on the 1st base side of the Diamond Club and open to the public. If your going to overpay for beer it might as well taste good!!!
  • Staci Cluts

    Go Royals!!!!
  • Cracken .

    My first MLB Stadium! Saw several games there as a kid.
  • Cooper Smith

    A small, intimate stadium makes you feel like you're at a minor league baseball game, but in a really good way. We sat first level behind home plate for incredibly cheap, but before the remodel
  • Eric Jorgenson

    Baseball isn't exciting. You've been duped.
  • Drew Friedman

    Go to the center field bbq place and order the Designated Hitter (brisket & ham) with cole slaw and beans. Best food/value in the park!
  • Mark Hunting

    Great park to watch a game. Best park to NOT watch a game. So many places for kids to play and adults to drink out of sight of the field.
  • Jerry Green

    Chicago dogs at stand in right field are very good.
  • Jennifer Cross

    U can take water, peanuts, etc into the stadium
  • Michael Grimaldi

    Inexplicably, many beer stands often are out of posted beers. Do not count on getting what you want or what the concession signs say they should have.
  • Wayne Dufresne

    Saw the Red Sox get beat on my birthday but it was still a good time.
  • Joseph K

  • Clarke Macbeth

    Keep the 50/50 drawings. You get a tax deduction with those. Everybody wins!
  • Jim Nelson

    LF corner has it all. Alex Gordon, best chicken strips (only this stand), best Hot Dogs, HOF, and the .390 club/bar.
  • Joseph K

  • Joseph K

  • Matthew O'Donnell

    Rockin' Playoff Fever at The K!
  • Mandy Power

    If it is your first time at the stadium, they will print you a certificate. Definitely for the baseball nerds.
  • Kimberly Benjamin

    The most beautiful stadium in the country.
  • Chelsy Wright

    Check out the Outfield Experience located behind section 201. It opens as soon as the gates open and closes top of the 8th (7th on firework nights). It's got a lot of games for kids, and adults!
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Washington Nationals vs Kansas City Royals #7.10 PM.
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City Royals #7.10 PM.
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City Royals #7.10 PM.
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Boston Red Sox vs Minesota Twins
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Minnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royals #7.10 PM.
  • cmlwastaken

    hot dogs. nachos. peanuts. plus theres the baseball.
  • Stadium Journey

    Of course you have to have BBQ in KC! Share with us your favorite food item at Kauffman in the comments or leave a crowd review!
  • KT Gosh

    Check out the designated driver booth behind the fountains. You get a free soft drink for signing up as a DD!
  • william enns

    Best Stadium in the Major Leagues!
  • Tricia Tolar

    Great ballpark! So many things to do, very family friendly.
  • Beau Holland

  • Somchai Rojana

  • Michael Lemiesz

    Great stadium, good people. Good time
  • Sherri Sharpe

    Go to the Dugout Doghouse for the Gourmet Hotdogs!
  • Brandon Johnson

    Best deal here is the popcorn and bag of fries from rivals
  • Jay Smelser

    Don't expect a Royals win
  • Tabitha Staley

    First professional baseball stadium I've been too and I was impressed. It's beautiful!
  • Amy Timmerman

    Royals Hall of Fame is a MUST see! Love the giant #5 made of baseballs.
  • Dana Musser

    Go to the hot dog stand!!! The BEST hot dogs ever! My favorite is the Red, White and Blue Dog!
  • Experience

    You can now upgrade your seats at all Royals home games! Download the MLB at the Ballpark app to upgrade: http://mlb.mlb.com/ticketing/upgrades.jsp?c_id=kc
  • Dr. Matt Bonsignore

    Awesome atmosphere and a great team!!
  • Megan Ann

    Beautiful stadium. Love the fireworks! Go Yankees! :)
  • canihelpyou kc?

    Go on Buck Night!
  • sarah scheets

    They're stingy with their dipping sauces. Don't dare ask for two-they won't even sell you an extra because "there isn't a button for that."
  • Scott Cutbirth

    The Royals need help!
  • Dominic Xavier

    Even though they aren't great right now, a Royals game is always a good time. Root for Relish!
  • Audra Trites

    First base seats rock!
  • Mari Kouratou

    Friday night fireworks!
  • Cara Olson

    You can bring in sealed bottled water and any food you want. Pack the snacks from home!
  • Steven Fuller

    Make sure to get your picture taken next to the "Native Son" statue of #FrankWhite in honor of the @Royals shitting on him in 2012
  • Cara Olson

    Get the funnel cake fries. Yum!
  • Scott Herndon

    Needs better pitching.
  • Alden W. Jones

    And I thought theater food was expensive...
  • Kayla Rasmussen

    If you don't plan to drink, sign up to be a Budweiser DD at the stand behind Rivals. You get a free soda for your trouble!
  • Mala Barnes

    Beautiful Stadium
  • Scotti Mizner

    Royals suck, royals management sucks, only stadium to screw the public for an all-star game. No wonder everyone mkes fun of them. GO CARDS!!
  • Mandy Bachelor

    Diamond club!
  • Charles B

    one of the nicest ballparks you'll ever visit. incredibly relaxed vibe from a knowledgable, yet beaten down fan base after years of ineptitude.
  • Robbie Haynes

  • Kelsey Hayes

    Home of the Kansas City Royals. Great atmosphere (and fireworks) even when the team's in the AL Central's basement.
  • Steve Spitsnogle

    The Royals may always be in last place, but the tickets are cheap. Lots of good teams come a long way to beat us.
  • @jayelarex

    Go when nobody else is around.
  • Deborah Miller

    Tailgate party before the Packer game!
  • Deborah Miller

    Tailgate party before the Packer game.
  • Greg Allain

    8 dollar beers. Come join us.
  • Evan Parris

    9/17 is always a great time to go! Their "Halfway to St. Paddy's Day" features Irish food, dancing, free green Royals caps to the first 20,000 fans and live music from Flannigan's Right Hook!
  • Cheryl Sullivan

    Blue Moon and Sheboygan brat!
  • Jason Vogt

    Where else are you going to waste your time and money... By the way the royals can't hit a tim Wakefield knuckleball to save their lives
  • RotoWire.com Manager

    Alex Gordon, Melky Cabrera and Billy Butler are a combined 14-for-34 (.412) against Red Sox starter Tim Wakefield.
  • RotoWire.com

    Bruce Chen is 4-1 with a 3.54 ERA in nine home starts.
  • Daniel Pearson

    Cool off and Get a delicious $6 water before your flesh burns off!
  • Katrina

    The BBQ place in right field is one of the best values here.
  • Bill Mannaberg

    Great stadium, crappy team.
  • The Sports Bank

    KC Royals Aaron Crow: from Indy League to MLB All-Star
  • Caroline Germann

    Buy a 50/50 raffle ticket.... Support Synergy Services!
  • Marlo L.

    make sure you go early to tailgate
  • jeanne george

    GO CARDS!!!
  • Evan Parris

    Don't buy their overpriced concessions. You can bring in food and bottled water, but no pop. Their "vendor contract enforcement patrol" will make sure you won't.
  • Kyle M

    Watch the baseball...it's good.
  • Matt Hazzard

    Visit the charity silent auction in the left field concourse near the hall of fame to bid on autographed memorabilia
  • Lyndsey Wallis

    Get the chili cheese fries with extra cheese!
  • Wayne Peck

    Nice day. Windy, but Tampa Bay is here!!
  • Denis C

    If you get here 5 hrs before the game, you can save 15 bones in parking fees.
  • MarKansaSity

    Seriously you MUST have the BBQ Nachos from KC Cantina - stand not kiosk
  • Mindi

    The Boulevard Wheat beer is tasty!
  • Thomas Nelson

    Take the Early Bird Tour. For $10 on top of your ticket price (per person, of course), you get in 1 hour earlier, up close and personal BP, and the game notes! Worth it!
  • Aloha Jones

    Buy $9 tix. Sit almost anywhere you want. Drink Colt 45 in the parkinglot.
  • Lucas Lash

    Let's GO CARDS!!!
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