Kansas City Power & Light District

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  • Mike L

    if you ever find yourself in the vicinity, must go here.
  • DJ Soap

    Get your P&L pre-game on at Pizza Bar every Friday and Saturday! Open bar and buffet for $15!
  • Shark Bar

    Come check in at Shark Bar for an exclusive drink special!
  • Bradley Douglas

    Check out the Flying Saucer! Great beer bar, 76 taps!
  • Lindsey R

    Biggest and most entertaining bar at P&L? PBR Big Sky!! Assless chaps and a mechanical bull!
  • Ramsey Mohsen

    Yes, it's touristy. But this place can be fun. Especially for say drinking.
  • Iversen

    Picture Vegas, but replace casinos with bars
  • Troy Olsen

    They do have some great concerts down here free but the city has screwed this up bad. DO NOT SUBSIDIZE THESE PLACES FOR TREATING PEOPLE LIKE CRAP. Also don't wear a baseball cap down there....
  • Trinitys Child

    some really nice restaurants. if your an adult stay inside one of these. otherwise, if its hot excitement u want go to the angel bar or hang out outside in the court in the summer.
  • DJ Lazer

    Check out Tengo! A lot of new changes going on.
  • Shannon Shoop

    Shark Bar + Pail Punch= Good Times!!
  • Kansas City

    Centrally located and the perfect place to grab something chic to wear out or a gift for someone special nestled among a collection of the Citys best restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.
  • Tyga McHenry

    On weekends, come before they start charging a $10 cover at 11pm.
  • Morgan La Shier

    Whores at the angels rock bar.
  • Kevin Will

    Home of Beer Pong for Babies. Check it out at www.beerpongforbabies.com
  • Nathan Frazee

    bunch of bars great place
  • T S

    This place is great !
  • Jean-marc Konate

    j aimerai bien"a"!
  • Brian Clarey

    Gordon Biersch is ideal for a decent meal and good beers
  • Benjamin Noel

    It can get crazy!
  • Kelsey Hayes

    The city's playground for grownups. Featuring an AMC 6 with cinema suites, a huge variety of restaurants, live music, bars and an outdoor pavilion (where soccer fans gather to watch World Cup games).
  • Derryn Stiner

    Get ready to spend a lot of money on cover charges...I suggest going to big sky and staying there
  • Brandi Wikoff

    Monday Nights r $5 stoggies and 1/2 bourbons!! Guest bartenders too!!
  • Derreck Mayer

    $2 parking garage attached to PnL. The other ones can charge up to $10 or more!
  • Aaron Wagner

    PnL isn't the greatest place for under 21s, even if there are a few places.
  • Kunkel Tim

    McFaddens is the place to be!
  • Ashley Stout

    Check out their weeknight happy hour specials at most of the bars & restaurants. Maker's Mark has 1/2 wine every Wednesday! Cheers!
  • Bobbie Walter Schooley

    Loved this place!! Great fun! They had a pub crawl on Saturday so the people watching was great that evening. Can't wait to go back and check out the shark bar.
  • Andrea G.

    Howl at the Moon is always my favorite! Even on a dead weeknight the entertainment was still fun!
  • Reggie A. Gamble

    Nightlife downtown is decent but tends to get old fast. Needs more urban places too.
  • Hussy Dee

    Checkout PBR. It's what happens when a rodeo ends up downtown.
  • R T

    No pro cameras. Only crappy point amd shoots allowed
  • Micah Armstrong

    This place is awesome!
  • Harley Quinn

    Visit Polished. Get a mani and pedi while enjoying a glass of champagne. :)
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