Get Movin KC!

Group Description

Are you ready for a change?? Need to get up and get Movin? This group is for anyone on a path to improve. Keep an eye on our calendar- I schedule a LOT of activities, with the help of several wonderful members! We will plan activities that get us moving and active, and making new friends! If you are looking for a group that is not intimidating, this is the group. Our bike rides won't be races, our hikes won't be warrior challenges. We will just do these things more leisurely, fun, and SOCIAL. You go to other groups and participate- you come to this group and make FRIENDS! Members have a say- if you have an idea for an activity, let me know. If it is active and/or social, it is up our alley! As long as it gets you off the couch, right?! See ya soon!

Interested in biking? Interested in helping raise money for MS? Be sure to check out our calendar for the 2017 Bike MS ride (with the Searcy Spinners), and our sponsor: Searcy Financial- Searcy Spinners BikeMS Team!!

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