Kansas City Visual Artists Who Want to Hangout Together

Group Description

This is a group for full-time, part-time, professional, serious-amatuer VISUAL ARTISTS in and around the Kansas City area (Missouri-side, Kansas-side, all are welcome!) who just want to get together periodically and hangout socially to discuss art, being an artist, past/current/future art projects they're working on, what it's like for them being an artist, what it means to them being an artist, career goals, the world and how art fits into it, art and the internet, art and social media or whatever! We can meet at a coffeehouse or a cool dive bar or a cool martini bar or a sidewalk cafe or wherever artists should meet! We can inspire one another...we can support (not financially) one another...we can build friendships based on and rooted in being artists. Kansas City visual artists unite! Or at least meetup! I think I ended every sentence with an exclamation point -- that is going to have to be fixed. By the way, if you have a website and/or online portfolio of your artwork, feel free to share it with the group.

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